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In the most high-profile case on net neutrality, last year the FCC ruled Comcast illegally placed limits on broadband customers using peer-to-peer services. Comcast is appealing the ruling, but this is exactly what open Internet advocates and the FCC want to prevent. Why ? Because it would adversely impact innovation and impede the potential an open and neutral internet can create. To illustrate the importance of net neutrality consider this: if you had a choice between a large, established Internet company with deep pockets to pay for faster access; you'd be more likely to use their service over a small start-up that might have a more innovative services but lacked the money to pay for similar speeds. What the major players want is to eliminate competition and use their present advantages to snuff out future competitive threats. Remember when you had to buy your t... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - Steve Jobs' Misunderstood iPad

iPad on Ulitzer For all the controversy around the recently introduced Apple iPad, one thing is certain. This is but one in a long series of devices which will continue to be introduced to the market as part of a computing revolution. The advent of these technologies combined with demographic shifts and global ism will fundamentally change everything about our world. Love it or hate it, the IPad is just one example of many more highly functional internet connected devices with more features delivered at lower and lower prices to come. These devices are highly mobile and will get ... (more)

Near Term - The Enemy of Progress

Reading Harvard Business Review's blog "Is the U.S. Killing Its Innovation Machine" I am reminded of the continual challenge of quality managers and entrepreneurs : educating other small minded folks about the need to balance the near and long term. In fact most, if not all, of the significant challenges facing organizations today result from the failing of leadership to deal with the long term for fear of the near. The "Tyranny of the Ugent" as Collins wrote. It's easy for people to "demand" results: particularly when there is so little understanding as to how those "results" m... (more)

D8 - Watch Candid Interviews about the Future of Technology

With technology's rapid advancements, keeping up with the digital world's leadership and vision of the future is always interesting and educational. Since debuting in 2003, The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference has delivered straight-up conversations with the most influential figures in media and technology, you'll see the list below and it includes the unbiquitous Steve Jobs and others. I always find the content interesting and worthwhile. The 2010 D8, the eighth annual All Things Digital Conference, ran from June 1-3. Creators and executive producers Walt M... (more)

Wireless Devices & Wellness

"Wireless Health" is a term that has been emerging over the past several years. As with all industries, advancing technologies are bringing revolutionary solutions to the huge health "care" marketplace. A recent article by Dana Blankenhorn titled, "Could wireless health get too rich and too Slim?" addresses medical technology's increasing momentum. He selects the grand opening of the West Wireless Health Institute, as evidence with some important recent announcements which raise an interesting question: The Wests have put another $25 million into the Institute, bringing their tot... (more)