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Ok, so you know I love Gary Vaynerchuk . What makes me a big fan of Gary is that what he says gets to the heart of the matter and in this case that matter is how businesses, including health clubs, are marketing in 2014. By the way if you missed him at IHRSA this year I'm sorry because he was great. Another big reason I love Gary is this video he made for me - please watch it ;) and that's another story in and of itself. The bottom line is many businesses, and health clubs, are marketing like its 2005. That's why I am excited to be teaching a class at the IHRSA Institute this year in Chapel Hill, NC on August 7, 2014. I'll get to share specifics as to how health clubs can use social media and digital strategies effectively. Marketing is confusing to may business people today because marketing is changing. Heck its confusing to experts and whole industries. The who... (more)

Near Term - The Enemy of Progress

Reading Harvard Business Review's blog "Is the U.S. Killing Its Innovation Machine" I am reminded of the continual challenge of quality managers and entrepreneurs : educating other small minded folks about the need to balance the near and long term. In fact most, if not all, of the significant challenges facing organizations today result from the failing of leadership to deal with the long term for fear of the near. The "Tyranny of the Ugent" as Collins wrote. It's easy for people to "demand" results: particularly when there is so little understanding as to how those "results" m... (more)

Kindle 3 - The Transformation of Content Begins

Its not that the price of the newly announced Kindle 3 will be ONLY $139 for the Wi-Fi version, the screen is vastly improved as is the speed. Writing in Fast Company, Dan Noscowitz says that Kindle 3's most impressive new feature is the screen which is, "bar none, the best e-ink screen I've ever seen. It's fantastically sharp, with excellent contrast (Amazon claims 50% better contrast than any other e-ink display on the market), and it refreshes noticeably faster (Amazon says 20% faster) than the previous generation." The WiFi-only version will sell for $139 as "Amazon's Anti-iP... (more)

IHRSA 2014 - A Busy Schedule In San Diego. Hope To See You There

This year IHRSA 2014 will be one of the best ever. I am particulary delighted to be speaking at the Medical Wellness Association forum, sharing views with the leaders of IHRSA Federations from around the world, conducting a technology roundtable with some great industry experts and sharing views on mobile technologies and their impact. One really special aspect of the event will be Gary Vaynerchuk's talk on Friday morning. If you are attending IHRSA this year, do not miss it. I've included Gary's video discussing health clubs and how social media and consumer change are impacti... (more)

Game Theory and Non Zero Solutions

Game theory is applied mathematics enabling an evaluation of strategic decisions.  Win loose or Win Win: its a choice based on our beliefs and the  perceived nature of our relationships.  As the networks of interdependence within and beyond communities and nations get more complex, the more enlightened people are forced in their own interests to find non-zero-sum solutions. That is, win-win solutions instead of win-lose solutions. In leadership the measure of success is not so much whether you won at anothers expense, but whether you got what you wanted because you enabled othe... (more)