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  Going through my morning content over tea I came across this from Brian Solis: “Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society & technology evolve faster than your ability to embrace it.” I love Brian, but what do you ask is he talking about ? I think I know. Conveying to leaders in the health club industry, or leaders from many businesses and industries for that matter, that: 1) change is coming very fast and 2) the future will entail new business models and ways of doing things that will be very different from the past, often falls on deaf ears. While its lonely being the voice of a revolution amidst the monarchy, what Brian Solis is saying is true and Digital Darwinism is an important concept to explore. Here's why. What Digital Darwinism speaks to the survival of the fittest, that will rapidly distinguish winners from losers.... (more)

Evolution of God - The Past & Future of Human Spirituality

Author, blogger and editor Robert Wright draws from multiple disciplines, including science, religion, history and politics, in his search for strategic perspectives on today's problems, particularly terrorism, while offering hope for where humanity could be headed. A Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, Wright also hosts an interview series with celebrated thinkers at Meaningoflifetv.com and Bloggingheads.tv . Read his latest book Evolution of God where the basis is formed for an understanding of what makes people tick and where human spirituality will likely ev... (more)

Words Matter - The Mehrabian Myth

Yesterday a colleague shared the observation that the term "systems" is being increasingly heard as a negative in the marketplace by prospective buyers. The context of our discussion was the fitness industry and how buyers perceive terms or words. This led to my thinking about communication and the often misunderstood Mehrabian Myth, 7% of communication is derived from words, 55% body language and 38% via tone. As my friend pointed out, words do matter and this video brings the point of what Mehrabian's findings really meant. ... (more)

Is Caffeine Google's Answer ?

The challenge with being “best at” and “BIG” is how tough it is to stay ahead of the competition. Even for a firm like Google. What made you innovative in the past can become less valuable and what a maturing changing market perceives about your product can become more important. Holding onto market share isn’t the same game as creating innovative solutions that create new markets. Google is starting to consider the implications surrounding this reality. Google's most recent secret project Caffeine was announced yesterday but users will not notice an... (more)

Google Book Settlement & Lessig on Copyright Law

Much is being made of the pending Google book settlement. Now Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo are jumping in to object to the settlement as well. Despite all of the fuss about Google, this complex matter truly results from a lack of appropriate stewardship of our intellectual property laws by Congress. It is why most of these issues are relegated to the courts to settle (see Lessig's lecture at the bottom). This has become increasingly obvious as the result of advancing technologies which has uncovered the irrelevance of the rules and it is putting a great deal at risk for our societ... (more)